End of Season party: Tuesday, June 24 7 p.m. @ the Branding Iron

Playoff Rules highlights:

1.Every game, diddle for the middle.

2.Doubles you may choose which player diddles.

3.All-Stars do not accrue.

4.C9, 180 and B6 still count, mark them down.

5.First team to 19 wins - higher seed team has choice of starting home or away.

6.Second night tie breaker is double-in, double-out, 6 PERSON 1001.

7.Any player with less than 20 points on the all-star sheet playoff column is NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PLAYOFF PLAY. If an ineligible player is used you will forfeit any points earned in singles, and both points earned in doubles!!!!


Playoff Schedule:

Division A:

May 13 & May 15: AA:#4 Peekskill Elks vs #1 Stadium 1

BB:#3 Poundtown vs #2 Birdsall House

May 20 & May 22: Winner from AA vs Winner from BB

Higher seed has choice of starting home or away

Division B:

May 13 & May 15: CC:#4 Redline vs #1 Misfits

DD:#3 Branding Iron 4 vs #2 McGuire's 2

May 20 & May 22: Winner from CC vs Winner from DD

Higher seed has choice of starting home or away


Please message, picture message, or call in ALL scores the night of. I will be out of town week 1 and unable to pick up score sheets.

SHAUN (914) 450 - 3034

Standings: www.mydartleague.com/standings.htm All-Star: www.mydartleague.com/allstar.htm Schedule: www.mydartleague.com/schedule.htm